Mutated Mutie In Fallout 3 Goes AWOL

We’re bug crazy. We might be called Gearfuse today, but tomorrow we’ll be called Bugfuse.

What happens when a radioactive mutant goes berserk on a stairwell in an abandoned and destroyed hotel? Nothing, really. I stumbled upon this guy while feverishly searching for a fusion battery. I took some potshots at him and went for a pick pocket, neither one achieving any success. When I loaded out and came back, the mutie was gone.

Not quite as impending as the exploits found in the game, but defintely a surefire way to rid the player of any immersion he/she once had. Again, nice job by the QA team at Bethesda Softworks.

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  1. the video says search the mutie so obviously u did kill it, i have had that happen after a few deaths fr me in the 360 version the only way i found to fix it is to chunk a grenade at the corpse, it usually sends the body flying, and when it lands its usually stationary

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