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Playstation Home Hacked and First Impressions

PS Home came and guess what: it sucks. Sure, it’s supposed to be in “beta” but the whole thing is just flawed to no end. The Penny Arcade guys did a great job of summarizing it, so check out their comic. Luckily, someone has figured out how to hack into Playstation Home and thus, opening the door for somebody to ...

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Mutated Mutie In Fallout 3 Goes AWOL

We’re bug crazy. We might be called Gearfuse today, but tomorrow we’ll be called Bugfuse. What happens when a radioactive mutant goes berserk on a stairwell in an abandoned and destroyed hotel? Nothing, really. I stumbled upon this guy while feverishly searching for a fusion battery. I took some potshots at him and went for a pick pocket, neither one ...

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Nature’s Night Lights

Ryan was showing me some video of a hornet killing a cicada whilst we discussed posts about bugs. Then, I suddenly stumbled upon this video of a glowing trilobite beetle. Watch how it lights up in the dark like a raver’s glowstick. The ‘net doesn’t say too much about the creature but I did find this information on Mahalo: The ...

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Resistance 2 Has A Major Online Bug

Resistance 2 is quite the game. I picked up my copy yesterday and while I very much enjoy it, it currently possess a critical flaw that detracts from enjoying the game with a friend. If you log in to the game with two controllers and you try to play split-screen co-op or deathmatch online, it automatically disconnects you (and rather ...

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Win A Chance To Beta Test Wrath Of The Lich King

Can’t wait to play the upcoming expansion Wrath Of The Lich King for World Of Warcraft? Blizzard understands and has offered a chance win an invitation to the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King beta on their website. Unlike the Burning Crusade beta invite process, Blizzard wants to limit their invitations. Only players who have expressed active interest in participating ...

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Dynamo LED mosquito repellant sounds cool, does it work?

Mosquito bites suck. There are no if-ands-or-buts about it. Aside from the possibility of contracting malaria or dingue fever, those bumps itch like hell. Leave it to the geeks to create a cool solution to this problem. The Dynamo Mosquito-Repellent LED Flashlight makes for a sweet flashlight, and it only costs $9. So the LED works great, you just turn ...

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