Resistance 2 Has A Major Online Bug

Resistance 2 is quite the game. I picked up my copy yesterday and while I very much enjoy it, it currently possess a critical flaw that detracts from enjoying the game with a friend. If you log in to the game with two controllers and you try to play split-screen co-op or deathmatch online, it automatically disconnects you (and rather quickly I might add) from the game. This is a huge issue primarily because I bought the game to play with my roommates in split-screen mode. Now we’re stuck handing the controller over each round and it gets boring watching other people play the Chicago level over and over again without being able to hop into the action.

In other words, Sony and Insomniac Games need to fix this, stat.

I noticed that this is starting to become a trend. Release a PS3 or Xbox 360 game full of bugs, wait 1.5 months and patch accordingly. Not cool. I’d rather wait another month for a title to be released if it means less bugs and reliable online play. Wouldn’t you?


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