15 M4ufree Alternatives: Sites like M4uFree for Watching Movies

We all have websites where we can stream tv-series and movies online. M4uFree is a great website that is used to provide people with this service. It was great with its interface, it had a lot of options and it also gave you the option for download. I know we are using past tense but the M4Ufree website is still out there, However, talking about M4U is not our agenda today. We will be talking about something way better, if you like streaming shows and movies online and you are bored with having just one option then this is just the article for you. We have the top 15  alternatives for M4UFree you, they’re all pretty reliable and amazing.  

Sites like M4uFree

Let’s discuss why these websites have made it to the list. Some of them are here because of their amazing interface, others are here because they have an amazing category of content for us, some are also here because they have just everything you expect from a good streaming website. 

There are factors upon which the idea of a good streaming website depends. It has to be a good interface option, also an option that lets you download whatever you want. You should also be able to navigate through the content of different genres seamlessly.

These are some of the factors that make up for a good streaming website. M4UFree has dominated this arena for a while now but it has strong contenders. We have tried to cover most of them here. Let’s check them out. Are you ready? Strap on. 

1. Thewatchseries

Another great website for content you can watch and love has a great interface and a selection of content that is sure to blow your mind. This happens to be our best pick for watching tv shows and films. It’s the best alternative for M4UFree. 

2. SolarMovies

One of the best sites just like our stalwart site here, it has the latest movies, shows, and music videos. The content costs nothing, it also has a great collection of films and tv shows. Sometimes SolarMovies is down but that shouldn’t stop you from trusting your life with this platform. The interface is also quite easy on you, this website is known for how easy it is to download content here. Another important PSA also gets banned due to copyright issues but then again small price to pay, am I right?

3. 123movies

This also is a very popular site for free movie streaming. It has been known for its consistency with fresh content. What this website does is give you a host of mirrors that you can stream from for free. It is not a store for content but servers, it fetches the content from other websites which makes it a bit unsafe but completely worth it. The users can also ask the website to put the content they want to see. 

4. Rainierland

Also a great website for content of all kinds, this one has a lot of great tv shows and films. You don’t need to register or sign up to use this platform. It has a great interface which makes it easy for you to navigate through their website without any difficulties. It is one of the greatest alternatives for M4UFREE. 

5. Fmovies

This one has an amazing UI and it always has films that are trending. The only thing that it does not provide is an ad-Free experience. Other than that it is an amazing website for you to watch brand new tv shows and films at. 

The collection of Fmovies is also commendable. The navigation through their vast content is very seamless thanks to the interface. Everyone should try this one at least once. 

6. Primewire 

This is one of the coolest platforms for watching films, it is completely free and provides you with desired content in high quality. You can also create an account but it is not mandatory. You do enjoy some more features if you make an account though. There are certain genres here that would be a bit hard to find but mostly it’s a safe bet for trending films and shows. 

7. YesMovies

Anyone in the community has heard about YesMovies and rightfully so. It is an amazing website for new content and it works a bit like M4UFree. You can find all genres here and there is no signup. It is completely free and there is no signup process. The interface of this website is quite seamless and the website has been designed for the youths who don’t have time to waste, whatever you’re looking for is very easy to find here. You can also sort the content by the country you’re living in. Another cool thing about this website is that you have a lot of old content here. 

8. Rebbit

Another great website that offers you unlimited content for free. This website offers you a host of good stuff. There is no way that you’ve not heard of this platform. It has a great UI and seamless interface, you should consider this website if you’re looking for good content online. 

9. VexMovies 

This is another popular website for streaming, the best part about this website is that it is sorted in the most efficient way ever. If you don’t care for the sorting of it then you can always use the search bar and look up what you want. It also offers you the current IMDb rating of the content you want to watch. 

The website is not updated that regularly but when it does get updated, the home page is flooded with new 

10. MovieWatcher

This is also a great website for watching movies. The other side contains a lot of ads which is quite annoying, but this platform is nothing like that. It has no malware problem or annoying ads for you to be bothered by. It is an amazing website for all kinds of genres. You don’t need to sign up for anything here. The website server is amazing and it can handle a massive amount of load. The coolest feature is that apart from all the other genres, it provides you with a great selection of action films. 

11. Vumoo

This platform has content in high definition, it doesn’t ask you to make an account or sign up. You can access the content on this account for free. You can enjoy a colossal amount of content for free with full HD quality. The flow of the website is seamless just like the interface. It is also categorized pretty efficiently, all you have to do is go on the home page, pick out your genre or you can just use the search bar. It is a great website for you. 

 12. PopcornTime

Another popular is one of the most popular websites that there is, depending on your internet speed you have the option of 720-1080p quality of your desired content. This is a great option for all types of PCs. Popcorn time also happens to be one of the oldest websites for content streaming. It is free and you don’t need to sign up at all. What this platform essentially does is that it looks for torrents everywhere and users can stream the links through this website. It is truly the best alternative for M4uFree.

13. PutLocker

This is a great website that lets you enjoy free content, it has a huge collection of films and tv shows. The content is categorized by the genre and the year of its release. You can always use the search bar, which is pretty efficient too. You can stream anything you want here at any given point. This too is an ancient website used for content streaming. The server can hold a massive amount of load. Other than that the navigation of this platform is quite seamless, this is one of the most user-friendly websites that there is. 

14. Crackle

Another fun website that also has its apps for iOS and Android. Users don’t have to worry about anything here, the categorization of content is amazing and once you find the desired content the resolution for it is also remarkable. You can access this platform from your PC or your phone. For your phone, the apps are available on the play store and Itunes. This is one of the coolest Alternatives for M4UFREE. It periodically has trending content for you to watch. Crackle does not give you the option for download but it does let you stream whatever you want whenever you want. 

15. Los Movies

This is a great website for content, a one-stop-shop for all kinds of genres. You don’t have to log in or make an account. Everything on this platform is free. Other than that it has a great selection of content, you will find genres of all kinds. Remember that the coolest thing about this website is that it has content from different countries, so it has a lot of international content in different languages. It’s a great alternative for M4UFree.

Final Words

Hope you have enough to go about, all our picks are verified and genuine. So what are you waiting for? Start streaming! 

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