16 Best FMovies Alternatives – Sites Like FMovies for Watching Movies in [2024]

The joy of watching movies on a chill evening with a warm blanket and some wine is unmatched. The joy is doubled when the movies are free to watch. Sites like fmovies offer free movies for your entertainment.

However, FMovies are not accessible currently. For many their source of watching good movies has gone and are now in search of similar sites like fmovies. Your search ends here, we have curated a list of 16 best fmovies alternatives that you can watch movies on in 2024. 

What happened to FMovies? 

Wondering what happened to FMovies, why is not accessible anymore? We have all the answers. As you might already know, FMovies do not work following copyright laws. They have to keep changing their domain to avoid legal trouble. It is temporarily shifted to another domain. It was also heard through news that ABS-CBN, a Filipino media and entertainment group sued FMovies for copyright infringement. Currently, FMovies is operating under a Swedish domain. 

16 Sites Like Fmovies: Alternatives To FMovies

1. See HD 
2. 123EuroPix 
3. TinyZone
4. HD Popcorns
5. Onion Play 
6. Archive Movies
7. Download Hub
8. MKV Movies Point
9. Movie Tube
10. Movie Watcher  
11. CMoviesHD
12. HD Movies Maza
13. Two Movies
14. Bob Movies
15. HD Movies Point 
16. JustWatch

1. See HD 

Watch movies on See HD
Image: See HD

SeeHD is a good FMovies alternative, it has many categories of movies to choose from. You can watch movies in high definition. It also allows you to watch many web series and tv shows from popular streaming sites like Prime Video and Netflix. SeeHD has a lot of features that they offer to the viewers, like classifying genres for easily accessing the video content. You can find your favorite genres with a simple click. There are many categories available like horror, comedy, drama, and many more. 

You can stream movies and download them in high definition quality. It allows you to choose the video format in which you wish to download the video content. They have a wide variety of video content for you to choose from. 

2. 123EuroPix 

Watch latest movies on 123EuroPix

Another great alternative for FMovies is 123EuroPix, it offers various movies and a plethora of genres with top-notch services.  There are more than thousands of classics available on this site. If you are a classics lover, you will surely enjoy being on this site similar to FMovies. 

You can register yourself on this website with an account and participate in discussions and threads. There is an option to request any movie that you love if you have an account with the website. Enjoy hassle-free movie streaming with 123EuroPix.

You can watch popular tv shows and web series here. The site also updates its content frequently so you get the latest content as soon as they telecast it. The update speed is quite fast so you will never miss out on your favorite shows. This FMovies alternative is one of the best that you can use and enjoy free streaming of movies. 

3. TinyZone

Image: TinyZone

This website sticks true to its name, it’s a tiny zone of movies for you to have a good time. There are plenty of movies that are available for free. This website lets you download movies and gives you the choice to download them in various formats. 

TinyZone has a simple interface, making browsing through it easy. This also aids in searching for your favorite movies without any trouble. According to your interest, you can easily search for movies through the search bar that is provided on this website. There are several movies from around the world that you can enjoy as well. 

4. HD Popcorns

HD Popcorns
Image: HD Popcorns

This one is another good alternative for FMovies, where you can choose from a huge library of good movies. It is a one-stop-shop for all your movie needs, it has several unique titles you can choose from. 

Though the website has no quality control on its stream as it works as an intermediate between the user and the streaming client, it still has good video quality. Watch movies, web series, and tv shows with ease on HD Popcorns. 

Users also get many options while downloading videos, they can choose the quality and audio-only options as well. Get those popcorns popping, sit back, and enjoy your favorite movies on this site. 

5. Onion Play

Onion Play
Image: Onion Play

Onion Play is one of the most popular FMovies alternatives thanks to its vast library of content and features. Though you may face some technical bugs it compensates for it with its content. The website allows you to choose the quality of the stream and you can also save data in a lower quality which is beneficial if you are low on storage. 

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You can choose to save your stream in many formats like MP4, MKV, and many more. Enjoy free movies on Onion Play. 

6. Archive Movies

Archive Movies
Image: Archive Movies

This site has a well-archived list of movies that fit well with the site’s name. Though you cannot stream directly with this site, you can download many movies without any trouble. 

All the movies are sorted according to the year of their release. Choose from a variety of categories like drama, thriller, comedy and lots more. 

The quality of the video is always in HD and you can search and download from thousands of titles with the help of the search bar provided. 

7. Download Hub

Download Hub
Image: Download Hub

Download Hub has a diverse variety of content from around the world. Choose from movies, tv shows, web series from different countries. It also allows users to download any specific movie of their choice. 

The site has a good mix of content from classics to the latest hits. It provides decent streaming quality. It also offers good uptime and frequently updates the link base, this ensures your favorite content never disappears from the website. Enjoy free streaming on Download Hub with friends and family and never worry about paid services. 

8. MKV Movies Point

MKV Movies Point
Image: MKV Movies Point

This website similar to FMovies provides a smooth interface that sets it apart from all the other websites. This makes it easy to navigate on MKV Movies Point, that is why it is a popular choice for many. You can experience hassle-free streaming here. 

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It has a huge assortment of great content from movies to popular web series and tv shows. One of the best features this website offers is that you can sort content according to category, language, popularity, and genre. This helps you customize your list of searches according to your preferences and makes it easier for you to watch your desired movies or shows. As per your streaming history, the website also suggests new content for you to watch. Watching relevant content with endless options is a good feature of this site. 

9. Movie Tube

Movie Tube
Image: Movie Tube

Movie Tube is one of the best FMovies alternatives, it is a tough competitor when it comes to free movie streaming. It provides a diverse and large collection of movies, shows, and series. You can find almost anything on this website from Bollywood to Hollywood. 

It also offers the user to stream in different qualities depending on your requirement. Don’t have to worry about exhausting your data anymore just choose a lower quality video and you are good to go. 

Download movies without worrying about anything. The quality of videos is great on this website, watch movies comfortably with a great streaming experience. This FMovies alternative is free to use so you save on money and data, it doesn’t get better than this.  

10. Movie Watcher  

Movie Watcher
Image: Movie Watcher

Made with love for all the enthusiastic movie watchers. Movie Watcher is yet another site similar to FMovies and delivers promising content for its users. The website has thousands of movie titles and tv series available for free streaming. The site’s content is frequently updated, giving you something new to watch every time you use this website.  

This site has a clean and user-friendly interface with a simple layout. It offers a multitude of genres right on the landing page, from action, adventure to crime, comedy, and many more. You will never run out of video content on this website. Choose from a variety of movie titles quickly with the help of the search bar. 

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On days when you don’t know what to watch, Movie Watcher will also recommend movies and tv series for you to watch. It recommends content based on your search and watch history.

11. CMoviesHD

Image: CMoviesHD

This website is another alternative for FMovies and is popular for many reasons. It has been in business for a while now and delivers good content from around the world. It allows free streaming of movies which is great for everyone. 

It has many features like forums and member places. It has well-organized categories in alphabetical order which makes searching for desired content easy and hassle-free. It offers many categories that you can choose from and enjoy movies. Watch old and latest movies here, it also provides links for movies on other websites to compensate for the lack of it on its own site. The website has pop-up advertisements that might disturb your streaming and downloading experience. 

12. HD Movies Maza

For all the Bollywood fans, this one is for you. This exclusive site HD Movies Maza has an expansive range of over-the-top Bollywood dramas for your entertainment. It also has Hollywood movies but this site is popular for its Indian movies from various languages. 

The website also regularly updates the video content so you will find new stuff to watch every now and then. The streaming quality is laudable and always maintains its good quality videos. You will get HD content here at all times. 

HD Movies Maza also has an interesting feature that many other websites don’t have, and that is its new section. It will update you about events happening in the movie biz and because it is frequently updated you will always have access to fresh news. 

13. Two Movies

Two Movies
Image: Two Movies

Two Movies is a great alternative for FMovies. It even has a similar interface to FMovies, this gives some visual relief to everyone who is missing FMovies. Though the movies offered here are significantly less than what was available on FMovies. 

The website compensates for it by providing a wide range of web series and tv shows. From old to the latest you will find it here with the latest episodes as well on this site. 

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Users can download episodes or the whole web series or shows to watch as per their preference. Want more? The website also suggests new web series and movies for you to watch later according to your search history. 

14. Bob Movies  

Bob Movies
Image: Bob Movies

A fantastic free movie streaming site, Bob Movies is great at delivering a satisfactory user experience. The site has an interactive interface and is easy to navigate. It is simple yet powerful when it comes to the user experience. It is perfect for Hollywood movie lovers, it has an endless supply of movies with some adult content too, so viewer discretion is necessary. 

It has a good amount of content that will suit your needs. Even though it is not as popular as other free movie streaming sites, it still manages to satisfy your movie cravings. The site does have ads popping up that may disturb your streaming experience, it’s a small price you pay for the amazing content it offers otherwise. If you don’t mind a few ads hampering your stream this site is great, it has variety and entertainment all in one place. 

15. HD Movies Point 

15. HD Movies Point 
Image: HD Movies Point 

HD Movies Point is another great alternative for FMovies with great video content. The user experience it offers is unparalleled. It is one of the most popular sites for watching free movies and has users from around the world. 

This website offers a good user interface and ease of navigation with many categories to choose from. The video content is well-organized and you can choose titles from the most popular categories also. Search for your desired movies with the search tab and indulge in great content. It also provides adult content. Once you get on this site you won’t need any other to stream movies.  

It offers many formats for downloading movies, quality of the stream is great as well. You can choose the quality as per your preference and you won’t be disappointed. 

16. JustWatch

Image: JustWatch

JustWatch is a treasure chest for people who love to spend hours watching movies, there’s something for everyone here. It is one of the best alternatives for FMovies and once you use this site you will know why. It has a plethora of movies with unmatched categories and genres. It offers a multitude of movie titles from around the world. 

There are limitless movies not just from Hollywood but from Bollywood as well. Watch movies from different countries if you like diverse content. Content is not just limited to movies, they also provide web series from different languages. You simply have to search for movies or series according to your interest. 

The streaming quality is perfect and you will make the most out of this website. You will get the best user experience while binge-watching your favorite series or movies. Download video content from this website in quality that best suits you all this and more for free. 


1. What is FMovies? 

FMovies is a free movie streaming website that hosts links to streams and also has embedded videos. It allows users to stream video content and download interesting movies for their choice. FMovies is a full package of entertainment and absolutely free. Torrent Freak Team created this website for movie buffs in 2016. 

2. Why Is FMovies Down? 

As mentioned earlier, it is facing a lot of legal problems and it has to keep changing its domain. Copyright infringement is a big legal hassle that FMovies faces today. The website isn’t shut or not working, it is running under a different domain. FMovies has migrated to a Swedish domain but you need to do a lot of searching to find which domain it now uses. You can access it only after a lot of research to find the current domain. 

3. Are FMovies Alternatives Free? 

Yes, all the FMovies alternatives listed in this article are free. They provide great content and good quality streaming. These also allow users to download content in various formats for easy offline binge-watching. In addition to that, these websites also update their video content regularly so you will never miss out on any latest content. 


You shouldn’t miss out on any latest content that you wish to watch because your favorite movie streaming site is unavailable, it is upsetting and frustrating. This list of 16 best FMovies alternatives is here to rescue you from boredom. Watch your favorite movies, web series, and tv shows without any trouble on these alternatives, and never worry again about what to do in your free time. 

These streaming websites are great for online streaming and downloading for offline video content indulgence. You won’t have to worry about anything else when you have so many free alternatives to watch your favorite content.

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