16 Best Putlocker Alternatives for Watching Movies, & TV Shows in 2021

Streaming websites like Netflix might not have all the answers for the movies you might be passionate about or are nostalgic about. This is why Putlocker used to come in handy all the time, this is where Putlocker came into being but a lot has changed since 2016.

What is Putlocker?

Putlocker was known to be an amazing streaming site, if we are being honest it was considered the best one. It was also one of the most visited websites due to its vast catalog of films, The legend has it that if a film has been made it will be available on Putlocker. Till 2016 happened and the site shut down. It’s been a while but people are still looking for a suitable website that offers them the same quality and quantity of services that Putlocker offered. The services include- 

  • Good interference.
  • Collection of recent films 
  • Collection of classics 
  • Collections of recent TV shows.
  • Collection of classic tv shows.
  • Complete episodes and all seasons of the shows.
  • Translation option 
  • Accessible categorised 
  • Free content.
  • Easy to stream 
  • With fewer ads 
  • No registration required

Let’s see how many of the sites follow the checklist.

Top 16 Putlocker Alternatives to Watch Movies Online

Here is a list of Putlocker alternatives that offer its users similar services of letting users watch their favorite films that are new and can be streamed easily. The best part is that all of them are tried and tested.

1. SolarMovie
2. KissCartoon
3. StreamingSites
4. KissAnime
5. 123Movies
6. Afdah
7. Crackle
8. Mangastream
9. YesMovies
10. LOS Movies
11. Popcornflix
12. FMovies
13. WatchTVSeries
14. MegaShare
15. Noxx
16. MovieWatcher

1. SolarMovie

Watch movies on SolarMovie
Image: SolarMovie

Solar Movies have been rated quite high, they’re almost at par with Putlocker for new shows and movies. The interface has been applauded for being interactive and easy to use. It routinely updates its libraries and fills them with the newest films and shows. The use of the site is quite basic so as long as your wifi is good you shall have no problem watching the new films you’ve waited to watch. When we say that this website is at par with Putlocker you should know we mean it.

2. KissCartoon

Watch cartoon online on KissCartoon
Image: KissCartoon

KissCartoon is one of the coolest websites for streaming. Especially cartoons. It is one of those websites that would make you nostalgic about the kind of cartoons you used to watch, it has every animated series you used to watch as a child making it one of the exceptional platforms when it comes to streaming sites. Not only that, these cartoons are available in HD. The site is also quite easy to navigate, anyone can access the existing library with ease. This website is the brainchild of Kiss Anime Network, this company has websites that own sites that have manga and comics from all over the world. If you are interested in animated films in Asia and the US then this is a great site for you,

3. StreamingSites

Watch movies on StreamingSites
Image: StreamingSites

This is one of the websites that are the easiest to access and navigate through, it is one of the rarest sites that will give you everything you expect from a good streaming website. It has films and series from all over the world. It doesn’t just stop there you can also stream cartoons, news, sports, and games. The library is very easy to navigate through, the interface has made sure that the users who show up to find films have easy access to a well-curated list of film streaming platforms. The existing library keeps increasing in size too. It has the option of free as well as paid content and the search bar is a godsend.

4. KissAnime

Watch anime online on KissAnime
Image: KissAnime

Yes, you know what’s coming, this is a site for streaming anime, it is very visible in the name. What is not clear is that this site has a very impressive collection of anime in both quantity and quality. Anime viewers are not just kids but also adults and teens, so it has anime for all age groups. If you are a fan of good anime for their interesting storylines and aesthetic treatment of the characters then this platform is quite ideal for you. You can access all these anime for free. This platform is also available for your mobile phone, you can view your favorite anime for free and in high quality. 

5. 123Movies

Image: 123Movies

Putlocker was a gem of a website, apart from its interface it was also considered quite a website that took care of your safety, it was also authentic so naturally, it had a monopoly in the market. Next line was 123Movies, which is an international website. This one too takes care of their user’s safety. Not only that it has the most recent movies and tv series, basically everything you expect from a world-class streaming website you get here. It has a filter that makes your search easier by just picking the boxes you need, i.e release year, etc. it’s one of the most famous sites after Putlcocker for a very good reason that you can check out for yourself.

6. Afdah

Watch Free Online Best Movies on Afdah Movies
Image: Afdah

The most interesting feature is the search engine, you have access to recent shows and films and you also get a list of recommendations arranged for you in aesthetically pleasing thumbnails. You can search according to most viewed, recent movies or even according to the genre. The quality that it offers is from 720p going up to full HD. It doesn’t have the problem of multiple ads and you don’t have to create an account for it.

7. Crackle

This is a great website in the place of Putlocker since it keeps uploading new content regularly for the users to never be waiting on content, which is why on most days the library is visible at its home and keeps growing and changing. It has an app that you can also download which is one of a kind. It has 137k users every month, you don’t need to take the headache of registering for this app.

8. Mangastream

Image: mangastream.mobi

If you are a fan of manga (Japanese animation) then you must know about the mainstream and if you don’t then don’t worry we have got you covered. This site came about as a radical website at a time when manga didn’t have as many readers. Now people across the world are obsessed with manga and by proxy also with Mangastream. It was flagged by the authorities but that has not stopped Mangastream to keep growing its fan base. The best part is that it not only has good content but also very good translations. Its interface is also quite accessible. There are ads but they help keep the website afloat. You can depend on Mangastream for its amazing content without thinking twice.

9. YesMovies

Image: yesmovies.app

Yesmovies are also an amazing option to stream films and tv series. Its site has a history of adding new films and shows every chance it gets. Every new content you want to consume is at the disposal of your one little click. It also has a habit of uploading at least two seasons so that if you are in the mood to binge-watch something this is an ideal site for you.

10. LOS Movies

Image: losmovies.top

This is an extremely great alternative to Putlocker, it offers you a great collection of films and shows to pick from. The feature that sets it apart from other websites is that it has the biggest collection of international work. You have so much international content to choose from with good subtitles. You can search according to the release date, genre, etc. The homepage also features everything that is trending so that it is easier for you to pick content. The search bar is quite efficient too. It has too many pop ads though but with so much free content to stream for free, it’s very easy to overlook it.

11. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is also a great alternative to Putlocker, it’s been around for a long time and is considered just as viable as Putlocker. If you have the habit of getting nostalgic and watching old films then it’s also a great place for you to be. It doesn’t require registration or signing up for a personal account. The best part is that just like Putlocker, Popcornflix is also free. This one makes for a perfect streaming solution.

 12. FMovies

Image: FMovies

Fmovies is one too is a giant. It has all your favorite films and shows and it happens to be free. It has a very chic interface for users to navigate through easily. The genres are categorized in a very effective way, it’s easy to understand and move through. It’s one of the best deals out there, all you have to do is go to the website, find what you are looking for, and stream for free. It is yet another wonderful site that can be used as an alternative to Putlocker.

13. WatchTVSeries

Image: thewatchseries.live

If you aren’t able to find the series you have been searching for all this time then WatchTVSeries is your best bet to find it.

It doesn’t have films but there are a ton of TV shows with their complete seasons with all the episodes in order. The site offers various mirrors so you are sure to find at least one link that works. Shows are available in HD and the homepage assists you in finding whatever it is that you are looking for and also gives you the option of streaming trending shows.

14. MegaShare

Image: MegaShare

A lot of people who know about Putlocker also know about Megashare, ist one of the go-to sites for streaming. It’s quite easily accessible and it has a great library full of the most recent films and shows. It also has a selection of old films for you to indulge in. The site doesn’t ask you for any registration, you don’t have to sign in from any of your pre-existing email accounts and it is also free to use. Our favorite part about it is that it has the option to stream your desired content in HD quality. It is probably one of those rare sites that also lets you add subtitles.

15. Noxx

Image: Noxx

This is a very well-known website, it is committed to providing all the amazing shows and films that one might be looking for, definitely making it a great alternative for Putlocker. It comes from the family of AZMovies, giving you a vast amount of content available to you in high quality. The way it’s categorized could be a problem for you in finding what you are looking for.

It’s a relatively newer website for movie and series streaming, so since it’s starting we can cut it some slack. The thing we liked about this website is that it doesn’t let you break the sequence in which you are watching your episodes. It has a lot of new content and no registration is required. So it’s safe to say that even if it’s quite new as a streaming service it is coming up real fast and strong.

16. MovieWatcher

For cinephiles who are desperate for a great alternative to Putlocker to watch their favorite films this is an amazing site. It has a diverse and huge collection of movies. You will hear old classics here as well as the new arrivals. It gives you links to the available external links as a host. The collection of Tv series on this website is quite commendable. The quality of the films and shows is quite high and everything is organized very aesthetically. According to the popularity, genre, and year you can find the desired content. The content available here includes the best films that have come out in the last few decades. The interface is quite accessible too making it quite easy for new users to navigate effortlessly. You don’t need to register for this site as well. The content is also updated regularly so you would most probably find whatever it is that you’re looking for.


Why Isn’t Putlocker Working?

It was a streaming website that started in the UK in 2012, it used to receive a huge number of visitors every day, it was giving free and easy access to films and movies. It had a great run as its popularity only grew with time. At one point it was receiving 1.6 viewers from all across the world every day. Till that changed In 2016. That year MPA (Motion Picture Association) flagged Putlocker and reported it to the Office of the United States Trade Representative as a privacy threat to films and TV series. It was later revealed that Putlocker is being operated in Vietnam and hosted by a Swiss company called Private layer. In 2017 US went ahead to prosecute Putlocker along with 123 movies for copyright infringement. Since all this debacle the official site has gone offline now.

In 2016 due to some legal issues, it got shut down

Is Putlocker Legal?

Simply put, yes it is legal. Privacy is a changing trend in the world of the internet. You may be liable for a few penalties for violation of laws since the ban of Putlocker the authorities would be within their right to press charges against anyone using the said site. This is also applicable to some other alternative sites to Putlocker. Using illegal streaming websites against the existing laws meant for copyright has different consequences for different people around the world. Laws are interpreted according to the jurisdiction you are in so the penalty for it also differs accordingly. If someone flags the website under copyright laws the user and the publisher can face charges. However, getting caught and being prosecuted are very unlikely if you are a user but the website owner can easily be caught. This is how Putlocker was banned, the film association believes that the ones producing the content are the only ones who are supposed to gain the monetary gains from that work. To protect mainly Hollywood producers the copyright laws came into play. It is to protect against theft of intellectual property hence torrent downloads, distribution, streaming, or reproduction is considered a crime. Germany has had a history of tracking illegal streaming websites and flagging it.

What Are The Best Putlocker Alternatives?

Some of the websites we mentioned on the list are quite safe and effective alternatives to Putlocker.

Is It Safe To Use a Putlocker?

If you have read the article up until this point then you already know that the answer to this question is no. To back it up again here is why it’s unsafe to use it.

  • The safety of the user so not the priority of Putloccker 
  • Since the content is free Putlocker bears no responsibility to the users, when we use it we are not paying for the security of the site leaving us exposed.
  • In case a user’s information is leaked or used through the various loops created by the site, there are no laws that will make the owners of the site accountable for anything that happens to the data of the users. 
  •  It leaves the site vulnerable to phishing and an easy target for hackers. 
  • The downloads on the site can be suspicious; they may or may not have some odd files that can be attached with the movie’s contents, if Putlocker is stealing content to stream it is more than capable of stealing your data too.
  • The mirror websites available on Putlocker are easily able to make money and maintain servers without any subscription and only through voluntary donations.
  • Naturally, people are more likely to use sites like these for it has seamless content that they don’t have to pay for but it’s a target ground for hackers who can very easily steal your credit card details and use them to commit fraud.
  • Malvertising is capable of infiltrating your system that can also lead to identity theft, sabotage, and even ransom. This is why you have to be very cautious about malware infections.


Being careful is of the utmost importance but it doesn’t mean you can’t access the films and shows you want to watch for free and quicker than everyone else. All the websites we have mentioned are safe and they check most of the things from the checklist mentioned above, some sites check all of them. Don’t let Hollywood gatekeeper you from the content you want to watch.

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