Lego PC Mod Pieces Together A Winner


We’re not too sure that Lego Gandhi would approve of the use of Lego’s as a case mod for a PC, but what does he know? The guy is made of friggen Lego pieces. Whatever he might think, we certainly think the Lego PC case mod is one for the Gearfuse book of sick mods.

The Lego enclosure holds in a VIA Epia PD Mobo 1Ghz, Nvidia 6200 PCI Graphics, Laptop 80 Gig 7200Rpm Hdd, Laptop DVD, 1 GB Geil DDR memory, 200 watt PS, so it packs in some decent hardware. Hopefully the pieces don’t crumble like every Lego masterpiece I ever built.


Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Not bad.

    Might want to take a look at this one as well. has lego men and space station stuff!

  2. That’s freaking LAME, compared to this (which also works):

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