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Lego PC Mod Pieces Together A Winner

We’re not too sure that Lego Gandhi would approve of the use of Lego’s as a case mod for a PC, but what does he know? The guy is made of friggen Lego pieces. Whatever he might think, we certainly think the Lego PC case mod is one for the Gearfuse book of sick mods. The Lego enclosure holds in ...

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DIY Melted LEGO Lamp Looks Edible: Keep Away From Children And Fatties

If your home is frequented by children who love climbing your furnishings and eating paint chips and other odd fixtures, or by obese friends or family who are known to munch on anything they can get their fingers on, the Melted LEGO Lamp is probably not the best lighting fixture to showcase in your home. The melted LEGO pieces look ...

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Lego-shaped Sofa is a jaw dropper

This Lego-shaped Sofa, named Bekky, not only looks like Lego’s, but acts like Lego’s too. These building block Lego pieces of furniture can actually be rearranged into any creation you want (if you have the money to buy enough to make your creation). If you get tired of your Lego couch design one day, just rearrange the blocks and you ...

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