Jig Browser plus dual internal screen cellphone- the best internet experience?


If you keep track of Gearfuse, you would have an impression of the Mitsubishi D800iDS double internal screen phone we premiered the spypic and reported. One of the benefits of having 2 screens is actually for browsing webpages. The D800iDS, just like most other 3G phones from NTT DoCoMo, can install this JAVA full HTML Jig browser, and it works exceptionally well. First, you would have a map of the whole webpage on the upper screen, showing you where you are at, and you can zoom in and pan around using the subdisplay below. Then, when you need to type anything, simply call up the keyboard and the on screen T9 buttons will be activated (Photo after the jump), no stupid stylus needed. Not too shabby eh.


Sam Chan

Press release [Jig browser Japan]

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