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Linux Running in Your Web Browser

Javascript based games, Angelfire, Dragon Ball Z, and a rudimentary knowledge of HTML describes the summer before my seventh grade year. Also, it represents what I thought was the epoch of Javascript's capabilities.

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The Human Body in HTML and PHP

You know, websites and the human body aren’t that different when it all comes down to it. We both have a head, we both have a body (some beefier than others) and we both have our spots we’d prefer to be hidden to the general public. You can argue that making a baby is a much more entertaining activity, but ...

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For The Ladies: Head HTML Earrings

Some woman let their heads get too big from all the compliments we shower over them constantly. Here is a set or earrings that will remind them exactly where their head starts and ends, in plain and simple English HTML. The HTML HEAD earrings are made out of sterling silver, so none of that fake silver green glow that some ...

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