The Human Body in HTML and PHP

You know, websites and the human body aren’t that different when it all comes down to it. We both have a head, we both have a body (some beefier than others) and we both have our spots we’d prefer to be hidden to the general public. You can argue that making a baby is a much more entertaining activity, but when it all comes down to it, web creation and baby making aren’t that different.

Both require a lot of time, energy and money if you’re planning on making it or him/her a contributing member of society. Sure, it starts off all fun and games, but eventually, when your little website grows up, it’s going to need some major tender love and care if its going to blossom into a mature and responsible being. If you think you’ve got it bad now, just wait until your site starts dating boys.


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  1. Its not valid HTML so markup doesn’t validate (not to W3C standards at least) and no DTD provided. From a PHP perspective it sues variables that are not defined with any initial values so all renderings of the page (if that were possible) would be female. Last but not least, instead of using defunct attributes like ALIGN and embedded styles, it would be better to separate the presentation layer through CSS.

  2. Okkkkkkk someone took that a little too serious

  3. michael, what a nrrrd you are!

  4. Sorry, Michael… you SUCK

  5. requires within

  6. Why should humain body be female only?

    if ($sex=’female’) is an assignation and not a test…

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