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Uniqlo’s Retail Robot

This month, a robotic staff member named Wakamaru will be coming to the Japanese clothing store Uniqlo in New York’s trendy SoHo neighborhood. Designed by Mitsubishi, the robot can express emotions, make eye contact, and it’s outfitted with facial recognition software.

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Fight with your phones. Nobody gets hurt.

[ev type=”youtube” data=”mfPoCOo06KI”][/ev] Some Japanese dude has decided to play sword with phones, and he’s using the Mitsubishi D903iTV DMB one-button push slider to attack the Panasonic P902i, which also has a one-button push spring mechanism for the folder (Neither of them is cheap). In the GSM world, we can only throw Nokia N95 at people. —Sam Chan

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DoCoMo announces 703i series, BRAVIA SO903iTV and double internal screen D800iDS

Just 4 hours after AU KDDI’s announcement, NTT DoCoMo announced the new WCDMA 703i series in Tokyo. Nothing out of our expectation as we wrote about before. Also announced are the SonyEricsson BRAVIA SO903iTV DMB phone and Mitsubishi’s double-internal screen D900iDS, both of which Gearfuse premiered on Sunday. The 703i series is the mid-low end of DoCoMo’s 3G portfolio, so ...

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Hi, I live on the Equator and I grow strawberries in my fridge

Fridges are just getting smarter and smarter nowadays, first they put a computer screen and mounted the whole speaker there- that didn’t make big into the market; so they went back to basics. Mitsubishi came out with 3 great ideas. First they put the water purifier in there, so that you don’t have to boil anymore (some people do and ...

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