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External cellphone antenna for crappy indoor coverage

One of the reasons of choosing a cellphone operator over another would be coverage, but no matter how good the network is there are always blind spots, this is especially true when you are 3G users (higher frequency lower diffraction), out of the city center, or even in your own room sometimes. NTT DoCoMo has got it figured out and ...

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Chat with your friends on GPS

We’ve probably all seen movies where special agents locate eachother on a GPS map and chat. We can actually do that in real life now, if you live in Japan and happen to use NTT DoCoMo’s newer FOMA phones (903i series or beyond). All you have to do is to have the iMapFan  JAVA application running at the background, when ...

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Gearfuse Plumbers: NTT DoCoMo fashion 3G 703i series leaked

We  managed to get hold of pictures of almost the whole 703i series from NTT DoCoMo and we’re really excited about the announcement. The 703i series is the mid-range WCDMA line of NTT DoCoMo’s FOMA 3G service. It consists of Fujitsu F703i, Mitsubishi D703i, NEC N703iD (same design as N702iD), N703iu, Panasonic P703i, P703iu, Sharp SH703i, SonyEricsson SO703i. We’ll keep ...

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