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JavaBot Is Its Own All-In-One Starbucks

Going to Starbucks every morning for your daily caffeine enema can get to be a hassle if you live in a busy area. Yeah, sure, there are Starbucks’ all over the place, but that doesn’t mean one of the cafes isn’t more clogged then another. With the help of JavaBot, coffee shops might have an extra set of hands gears ...

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C Jump: Brainwash Your Kids Into Being Programmers

If you want your children to grow up to be big and strong nerds just like you, you’ve got to start teaching them young. And let’s face it, 11 year olds aren’t going to sit there and listen to you read from a C++ book. That’s where C Jump comes in for the win. Made for children 11 and up, ...

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Chat with your friends on GPS

We’ve probably all seen movies where special agents locate eachother on a GPS map and chat. We can actually do that in real life now, if you live in Japan and happen to use NTT DoCoMo’s newer FOMA phones (903i series or beyond). All you have to do is to have the iMapFan  JAVA application running at the background, when ...

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Camera Action Hero: attack with your phone camera

Japanese game publisher Mobcast has started selling their new BREW cellphone game titled “Camera Action Hero” on AU KDDI’s portal for 100yen ($1). At first glance this looks like just another Mario-esque game about jumping around and shooting monsters. However the company added a little twist to this and decided to make use of the camera on your phone. On ...

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