JavaBot Is Its Own All-In-One Starbucks


Going to Starbucks every morning for your daily caffeine enema can get to be a hassle if you live in a busy area. Yeah, sure, there are Starbucks’ all over the place, but that doesn’t mean one of the cafes isn’t more clogged then another. With the help of JavaBot, coffee shops might have an extra set of hands gears around to help with the heavy lifting.

No, it doesn’t write Java coding (although that would be pretty cool as a night job) but what JavaBot does do is serve a mean cup of coffee or tea as fast, or even faster, as your local Starbucks. And it does it consistently. The JavaBot is built with 13 glass tube-shaped bins for the beans, 6 hold green beans, the other 7 hold roasted beans, each with a scale to let employees know when the tubes need refilling.


Andrew Dobrow


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