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Coffee Powered Car Probably Has Really Bad Breath

Coffee breath. The downfall of the modern man. And possibly the modern vehicle. The Carpuccino is a 1988 VW Scirocco which has been modified to run off of coffee. Apparently this bad boy will run three miles per kilogram of ground coffee, making it oddly similar to the run time of an average human being. That’s about 56 espressos a ...

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Coffee Cups Are The New Black

Earlier, Ryan spotted some DIY speakers made from paper cups and a pair of headphones. Now Arms22 is one-upping designer Dimitry Zagga with speakers made from Starbucks cups. They actually use a power amplifier, meaning they’ll crank your tunes out at a respectable volume. If you want to make your own, go for it, as the instructions are available online. ...

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AT&T Offers Free WiFi For iPhone Users (Again)

Earlier this year, AT&T was offering up free WiFi at Starbucks to iPhone users. Great deal and all, but AT&T eventually reneged on the deal and everyone cried foul. AT&T has decided to give it another go, offering free WiFi at AT&T hotspots to iPhone users. This includes Starbucks and if you were planning on spoofing Firefox to pretend it’s ...

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JavaBot Is Its Own All-In-One Starbucks

Going to Starbucks every morning for your daily caffeine enema can get to be a hassle if you live in a busy area. Yeah, sure, there are Starbucks’ all over the place, but that doesn’t mean one of the cafes isn’t more clogged then another. With the help of JavaBot, coffee shops might have an extra set of hands gears ...

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Desktops At Starbucks: You’ve Been Punk’d

If you’re one of those trendy little shits that camps out at Starbucks to steal their WiFi, you know that the cafes are crowded with others just like you. Notebooks in hand, ready for some free Internet access. A few pranksters from the comedy troupe Improv Everywhere set up house at a Starbucks, fully equipped with full desktop computers and ...

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A Really, Really Big Coffee Mug

One cup of coffee sometimes isn’t enough. In this case, it might be too much, but who knows? This really, really big coffee mug would be enough to last some people at least halfway through the day. Imagine the look on their faces after you walk into Starbucks and say “Fill ‘er up.” Would it be more expensive to do ...

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