InchWorm Shoes Grow As Fast As Children


Your kid isn’t getting any smaller. Which means there is no going back to their old shoes, it’s always about a new pair, and then a new one, and yet another new one. You� get your kid a pair of new sneakers and the next week they go through a growing spurt which leaves their heels unable to fit into the snug shoe.

InchWorms show accommodate the constantly growing kid by growing along with your child’s foot. The only thing you have to worry about it keeping them interested in the same old design, and making sure they don’t tear a hole in the sole. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Hi,

    I saw some really negative postings on about the Inchworm shoes for kids, and wanted advice from someone whose kids have used them. Did any of you ever go out and buy a pair?

    If so, please could you help me get a full picture of whether this is a good buy for my kid.

    Do the shoes get outworn before they get outgrown? I notice that the material is cheap, and that the glue doesn’t hold the iFit section (the middle of the shoe) together so well.

    What is the support like for the arch of the foot?

    Is it breathable for summer?

    When extended fully, I notice there’s a gap between the inside end of the shoe and the shoe insert. Is this uncomfortable for kids?

    Are they water proof/resistant?

    Does the material on the inside of the shoe fray easily?

    How sturdy is the middle of the shoe? If there is a tear, will it weaken the shoe?

    Is the middle section strong enough to prevent stepping on nails, etc? Are they appropriate to play sports?


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