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Successfully Transplanted Tailor-Made Windpipe From Stem Cells

Claudia Castillo suffered from a tuberculosis infection which affected her bronchial tube making it collapse at the point where it entered her lungs. Facing a complete lung removal, Claudia instead went through a pioneering operation to have a new windpipe grown for her using her own bone marrow stem cells. Claudia, a native to Barcelona, has become the first person ...

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Robotic Fish Feeder Saves Lives

The most common demise of fish is due to negligence. If you go through life with a “can’t someone else do it” attitude, like myself, then pets really aren’t your bailiwick. Fish of all pets are the easiest to maintain and yet, some people can’t keep a goldfish alive longer than a week. With Fifer, the fish feeding robot, fish ...

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InchWorm Shoes Grow As Fast As Children

Your kid isn’t getting any smaller. Which means there is no going back to their old shoes, it’s always about a new pair, and then a new one, and yet another new one. You� get your kid a pair of new sneakers and the next week they go through a growing spurt which leaves their heels unable to fit into ...

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