Credit card sized shoe-horn in your wallet


Not a lot of people use shoe horns nowadays, a lot of people don’t even know how to use one (they don’t have to). Supposedly they’re invented in the 15th century, it’s a tool (first class lever) that holds the end of the shoe open for your heel to slide in more easily and smoothly. The Japanese use shoe horns pretty stringently, as it’s common practice to take of their shoes whenever they’re in house (same for a lot of other Asian countries, but none of them use shoe horns as much). Anyway a Japanese company has started selling this super-pockectable shoe horn that can be slid into your wallet right next to your credit card, but we figure by the time you’ve dug the card out, your shoes are already on. It’s a nice touch none-the-less, 15USD for looking slightly more elegant. —Sam Chan

Card sized shoe-horn [Touch of Ginger]

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