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Credit Card Rainbow Collage: Debt is Beautiful

Credit cards don’t mean much these days. For awhile they were so easy to get and use, despite your financial situation, that they have become a second currency, albeit a worthless one. Made using thousands of credit cards, freecards, discount carts and gift cards, the Credit Card Rainbow displays the varied colors of debt, in all of its majesty. Commissioned ...

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Tool Logic Credit Card: Wallet Survival

Lord knows we could use a tool for saving the contents of our wallets. Though, alas, the Tool Logic Credit Card kit isn’t so much a financial aid as it is a personal survival tool. Included in the super-compact Tool Logic Credit Card is a full two-inch serrated blade, precision folding scissors, an 8x magnifying lens, a compass, tweezers, a ...

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Scam The Shitty Ad Companies With PayPal

Yes, you read that correctly. I’m talking about using PayPal to scam a scammer, not vice versa. Surely you’ve clicked an ad that stated you could receive a free iPod/TV/PS3/Xbox 360/Wii, etc. When you visit these websites, you usually have to sign up for online offers with your credit card in order to claim your prize. GearDiary has explained how ...

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Credit card sized shoe-horn in your wallet

Not a lot of people use shoe horns nowadays, a lot of people don’t even know how to use one (they don’t have to). Supposedly they’re invented in the 15th century, it’s a tool (first class lever) that holds the end of the shoe open for your heel to slide in more easily and smoothly. The Japanese use shoe horns ...

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No Touch Alarm Card keeps your wallet safe

It’s a problem rampant in every major city of the world: pickpocketing. When it happens to you (if it’s ever happened to you), it makes you feel like the biggest idiot because most of the time, you know when it’s gonna happen. The No Touch Alarm Card takes care of this problem by blasting out an alarm when it’s light ...

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