iGotaBigAssPocket: Pants for the iPad

I’m cool with my iPad Nano. Oh, you’ve never heard of it? Maybe you know it by its more common name: the iPhone. Zing.

Let’s not fool ourselves. Despite the fact that the iPad might be nothing more than a bonafied iPhone on steroids, you’ve just gotta have one. The problem is transportation. The iGotaBigAssPocket line of pants will make sure you can bring your iPad anywhere, just by slipping it into your one massive ass pocket. No word on whether it still fits while wearing its case.

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  1. lol great critic, actualy yes ipads are more like iphones which went to gym or got fat, it is not practical at least our iphone could slip in our back pocket but Ipad need a carrier. I heard about a shop who is giving free garrying robots with every ipad u buy :P. it is much better to get a macbook than to have an ipad

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