Apple’s Tablet Described as “iPhone on Steroids”

Gizmodo and BGR were able to dig deep into their connections to pick out some more information on the upcoming rumored tablet device from Apple, rumored to be called the iSlate:

• The tablet’s multi-touch gestures are “out of control.”
• It’s powered by an incredibly fast ARM CPU
• It runs on the iPhone kernel.
• The internal model number is K48AP.
• There hasn’t been an updated iPhone OS build because there’s too much tablet-related code/references in the OS and Apple obviously didn’t want that to leak. Oops.
• The tablet is basically an “iPhone on steroids.”

The “iPhone on steroids” comment is, admittedly, a little disconcerting. If I’m buying a tablet device, I don’t want it to be the iPhone 2. I already have an iPhone for that. I’m looking for a portable touch Mac device, fully capable of running background apps and standing up against the best netbooks on the market in terms of internet usage.


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