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InInk.Jp, Why Do You Want Us Mugged?


Japanese Company InInk have decided that they hate us all and want to see us all mugged. Okay, not so much, but they’re not exactly discouraging it either… Above, you can see pictured one of the company’s newest creations, a t-shirt that comes with a built in pocket to hold your MP3 player. Sure, we hear you say, but couldn’t ...

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Traditional Greeting Hoodie: Live Long and Prosper

The cold season is well on its way. It’s about that time of the year where all of us geeky infidels take to the web to go hoodie shopping. The Traditional Greeting hoodie by Threadless is the perfect fall outer garment for both the socialite and geek buried deep down in each and every one of us. When zipped up ...

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A Varsity Jacket for Stormtroopers

The varsity jacket, the universal symbol for jock superiority, unless you’re in the marching band, in which case you’re just an elitist prick. But seriously, I remember the kids from marching band who used to walk around in varsity jackets and they were all assholes. Walking around in a jacket with a drum embroidered on the shoulder does not impress ...

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The Four Velociraptors of the Apocalypse

A single Velociraptor might not have been much of a match for a Tyrannosaurs Rex, but a quartet of raptors with an evil appetite could take on the world. The Velociraptors of the Apocalypse t-shirt put an end to the debate on what caused the global extinction of the dinosaurs. Recent scientific discoveries suggest that Chuck Norris might have had ...

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Iron Man Armor T-Shirt

Some have stated that they wouldn’t be caught dead wearing this shirt beyond a comic conference or the like, but me? Well let’s just say I’ve been known to rock my Michael Jackson Red Jacket t-shirt out in public with no shame. So really, this could really boost my coolness. The Iron Man 2 Comic Chest T-Shirt, available for around ...

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Super Mario Bros. Clothing for Your Dog

If you were wondering why Mario was naked, I think we just discovered this answer. This sly dog stole his most prized outfit, and oddly enough an outfit fit for a plump Italian plumber just happens to fit this pooch to a tee. What a coincidence. For $16.50, you can dress your pup as either Mario of Luigi, whomever you ...

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iGotaBigAssPocket: Pants for the iPad

I’m cool with my iPad Nano. Oh, you’ve never heard of it? Maybe you know it by its more common name: the iPhone. Zing. Let’s not fool ourselves. Despite the fact that the iPad might be nothing more than a bonafied iPhone on steroids, you’ve just gotta have one. The problem is transportation. The iGotaBigAssPocket line of pants will make ...

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Space Invaders Tights Introduce the Dreaded Cameltoe Boss

I never made it to this level, which I think might be a good thing. I never would have been able to conquer the cameltoe mothership. Grab your own cameltoe-inducing (or camel-knuckle if you’re a dude and planning on wearing these for yourself) Space Invader Tights for the very hipster price of $80. Or you can try to make your ...

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Choose Your Weapon of Choice: Video Game Controller Shirt

Being called a gamer these days is a pretty general term, especially when there are so many consoles, controllers, genres and platforms used in modern times. So you’re a gamer, that’s great, but what sort of gamer are you? Do you prefer casual platformers? Time management? FPS? Core RPG? The list goes on and on. Aside from genre, gamers can ...

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