Apple’s “Latest Creation” Event Recap Round-Up

So the much-anticipated Apple event has gone and went. But what do we have to show for it? Check out what you might have missed.

  • iPad, new Apple tablet device, starting from $499, 16 GB, 32 GB ($599), and 64 GB ($699) models, all equipped with built-in App Store, iTunes, WiFi, though separate iPad 3G’s offer monthly 3G connectivity subscriptions, “iPhone on Steriods” seems like a pretty apt description, will ship in March
  • Whole new iPad SDK for developers who want to work on iPad OS
  • iBooks, app for iPad which allows for eBook reading, books can be purchased from the new iBookStore
  • Entirely new iWork app created specifically for iPad. Surprisingly feature-rich and elegant
  • New iPad dock, keyboard dock and iPad case which includes a wedge-styled kickstand

iPad Link

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