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Steve Jobs Unveils the iPad (in Diorama Form)

That’s all we need is to rehash the underwhelming experience of the iPad unveiling, but alas, this diorama does exactly that, illustrating El Jobso displaying the iPad over his head like it was some sort of baby lion royalty. Sure it’s cure and all, dude, but if anything the iPhone unveiling would be the announcement worthy of a diorama. But ...

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Hitler’s Response to the iPad

We tend to keep away from the overplayed, overdone memes in exchange for starting our own. That’s just how we roll. But there was no resisting Hitler’s take on Apple’s newest creation, the iPad tablet. Steve-o, I’d look out if I were you. The fuhrer has made up his mind, and you know that everything Hitler sets his mind to ...

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Apple’s “Latest Creation” Event Recap Round-Up

So the much-anticipated Apple event has gone and went. But what do we have to show for it? Check out what you might have missed. iPad, new Apple tablet device, starting from $499, 16 GB, 32 GB ($599), and 64 GB ($699) models, all equipped with built-in App Store, iTunes, WiFi, though separate iPad 3G’s offer monthly 3G connectivity subscriptions, ...

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