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iGotaBigAssPocket: Pants for the iPad

I’m cool with my iPad Nano. Oh, you’ve never heard of it? Maybe you know it by its more common name: the iPhone. Zing. Let’s not fool ourselves. Despite the fact that the iPad might be nothing more than a bonafied iPhone on steroids, you’ve just gotta have one. The problem is transportation. The iGotaBigAssPocket line of pants will make ...

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Pocket Clip Pencil Eliminates Need for Pocket Protector

You know what I always say, anything that removes the need for a pocket protector is a good thing. Well, okay, that might be the first time I’ve ever said that, but it’s true. More room for our scientific calculator. The Pocket Clip Pencil is a fine example of why minimalist design is sometimes some of the most innovative and ...

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Pocket Robot Brings The Fresh Style

The is the robot shirt with a style that’s more electrifying than a socket. If you think I should be shot for coming up with a shitty joke like that, then we’re on the same page. For $25, however, you can score this dual-robot shirt; there’s front breast pocket with a little guy waving and a larger version on the ...

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Concealable Knife And Blowgun For Ninjas

We all have enemies. That’s why Gearfuse posts a slew of weapons such as the WASP Knife and End Table Defense System. No, we don’t condone violence or the use of weapons for any other reason than self defense, but how can we resist with this $15 dollar concealable pocket knife with a folding blowgun attached to it? Simply put: ...

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eWallet To Secure Finances For iPhone Users

Need a new reason to leave your wallet at home? eWallet, the software that serves as a password manager and digital wallet, has a version coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Word on the street is that the software is finished and ready to launch, awaiting the final word from Apple. With the iPhone 3G within our grasps, the ...

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