Hydrogen Rolling Through

We’ve seen some funky looking, eco-wary transportation devices, but the “Ozone” concept takes the cake. It would run entirely on hydrogen powered fuel cells because as we all know, gasoline just isn’t cutting it anymore. The cabin of the vehicle is encased between two giant wheels that are controlled by two separate electric motors powered by the fuel cells.

I sure hope they didn’t design the cabin to roll with the wheels because that would be a dizzying experience. Controlled with a joystick as if you’re on a light cycle in Tron, the Ozone is the definitive future vehicle. It may look like a child’s toy but take notice: the doors slide 360 degree into its own frame.? That’s rad.

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  1. Very interesting concept!

  2. An Ozkan Koral design.

  3. Interesting concept. Few things which i think deserves attention: lack of suspension and heater/ac,doors sliding 360 degrees is not the best thing in cold weather, rain or snow.

  4. Also, this concept has the worst Cx out of all cars.

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