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Honda’s Hydrogen-Powered Sports Car

Every concept car has to look like it’s straight out of The Fifth Element. If it doesn’t, it might as well be an inflatable Porsche. Not solely making walkers for old people, Honda has brought forth its new concept, the FC Sport. It’s a three-seat hydrogen fuel cell sports car that comes stocked with a high-power fuel cell stack placed ...

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Hydrogen Rolling Through

We’ve seen some funky looking, eco-wary transportation devices, but the “Ozone” concept takes the cake. It would run entirely on hydrogen powered fuel cells because as we all know, gasoline just isn’t cutting it anymore. The cabin of the vehicle is encased between two giant wheels that are controlled by two separate electric motors powered by the fuel cells. I ...

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El Scorpion Es Muy Caliente!

This Ferrari look-alike is the hottest eco-friendly car in existence. Proving that an automobile doesn’t have to run on fossil fuels to look stylish, the Ronn Motor Company has broken the mold that has plagued most environmental friendly vehicles. Running on hydrogen instead of fuel, the Scorpion is the poster-child for alternative solutions to abandoning fossil fuels altogether. Packed with ...

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Suzuki Starts Production Of Hydrogen Powered Crotch Rockets

Those of us who respect a well-made and gorgeously designed bike will be happy to learn that Suzuki has decided to put their Crossgate concept into production. But that’s not the only good news. The Crossgate is also going to be hydrogen powered, a little perk for the environmentalists among us. Developed with the help of the British Intelligent Energy, ...

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Ford looks to imitate the Jetsons with Airstream Concept

Who knows what Ford was thinking when they decided to design a car based on the old Airstream trailers, but they came out with the Airstream Concept anyways? This car is powered by a plug-in hydrogen fuel cell system call HySeries Drive. Whats ironic, however, is that Ford is actually going to use an electric motor as the main power ...

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