Suzuki Starts Production Of Hydrogen Powered Crotch Rockets


Those of us who respect a well-made and gorgeously designed bike will be happy to learn that Suzuki has decided to put their Crossgate concept into production. But that’s not the only good news. The Crossgate is also going to be hydrogen powered, a little perk for the environmentalists among us.

Developed with the help of the British Intelligent Energy, the Crossgate will be powered by a light-weight fuel-cell system, with a secondary battery as back-up. You know, just in case all of the Earth’s hydrogen disappears. In which case we’d probably be worrying about more then our Suzuki Crossgate, no matter how sexy it might be (sexier than the Suzuki Biplane in my opinion). Seriously, I just want to hump this damn bike.




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  1. i think it looks sweet but a little pricy.

  2. Sweet is an understatement my friend 😉

  3. this website needs videos and sucks it hard with lube ps im in school bitches

  4. Do not hump bikes. That is a wicked sin.

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