Ford looks to imitate the Jetsons with Airstream Concept

ford airstream concept

Who knows what Ford was thinking when they decided to design a car based on the old Airstream trailers, but they came out with the Airstream Concept anyways? This car is powered by a plug-in hydrogen fuel cell system call HySeries Drive. What�s ironic, however, is that Ford is actually going to use an electric motor as the main power source, allowing owners to plug their car directly into a wall socket. If you are running on pure electric, you can go 25 miles before it needs recharging from the fuel cell. Once the hydrogen power kicks in, then you can go 280 miles on a single charge. Now while this doesn�t seem like an extravagant distance, you have to take into account the fact that you aren�t paying for gas with this; you�ll just have an outrageous electric bill. The majority of the focus on this car is the engine, but with a look at the exterior� well we won�t go there…with a look at the interior, it has the same kind of feel as the Suzuki Flix, minus the sweet projector. Luckily Ford is looking never to produce the Airstream concept, but hopefully the technology inside the Airstream will get implemented into future cars.

ford airstream concept

Nick Rice

Ford Airstream Plug-In Hydrogen Fuel Cell Concept [Treehugger]

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