Hardbox: Stephen King Novel or SATA Enclosure?


External hard drives never really become a personal affair. For the most part, we buy them to add additional storage to our computers because we just downloaded 100GB of pornography off a Bit Torrent site. Rather than have our OS slow to a crawl and our storage shrink to the size of an appendix, we simply copy all the tits and dicks over and our objective is fulfilled.

However, not everyone in this world is a complete slob and I hear some people actually have clean, organized PC setups. That’s where Hardbox comes in. It’s a beautiful looking hard drive enclosure that resembles a book written by Dracula himself. It takes any 3.5″ SATA hard disk and uses the fake pages as a heat-sink to eliminate the need for a fan. Hooks up via USB and can be yours for $300.

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