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Yamaha’s Soundproof Enclosure For Wild Sex and Hot Boxing

Listen, this is my room. Which means: if it’s rockin’, don’t come knockin’. Yamaha’s soundproof enclosure, the My Room II, is the ideal solution for noisy surroundings when work has to get done. And by work I mean hot wild sex. No sir, no external distractions here. I’m just banging away in the My Room II, praying that I don’t ...

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NES External Hard Drive Enclosures

I must admit that most external hard drive enclosures today resemble nothing more than a melted hunk of plastic or metal. Why not get a little creative and rip off Etsy user NES Box. He shoves external hard drives inside of old NES cartridges which give your computer a real retro feel. Need to back up right now? This Super ...

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Hardbox: Stephen King Novel or SATA Enclosure?

External hard drives never really become a personal affair. For the most part, we buy them to add additional storage to our computers because we just downloaded 100GB of pornography off a Bit Torrent site. Rather than have our OS slow to a crawl and our storage shrink to the size of an appendix, we simply copy all the tits ...

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Your mini’s foreign friends

Been wanting to turn your Mac mini into a home media center, but don’t have enough storage space for all your movies and music? You’re in luck, as Kuroutoshikou of Japan has announced four new external drive enclosures designed to compliment the Mac mini. Done in the same silver-and-white style as the mini, the enclosures also match the mini’s dimensions, ...

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