Yamaha’s Soundproof Enclosure For Wild Sex and Hot Boxing

Listen, this is my room. Which means: if it’s rockin’, don’t come knockin’. Yamaha’s soundproof enclosure, the My Room II, is the ideal solution for noisy surroundings when work has to get done. And by work I mean hot wild sex. No sir, no external distractions here. I’m just banging away in the My Room II, praying that I don’t cause this thing to fall over.

Did I mention how comfortable this room is? For $6,500, it better be because I can’t imagine getting laid in any confined spaces for a cheaper price. A dark alleyway? Maybe. The features the My Room II has over it’s 2004 predecessor, the My Room, impresses me – and my partner. A touch-panel control, air conditioner mounting and reduced construction time makes the My Room II the exemplary locale for a quickie.

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  1. WAOOOOOOO!!!! I really need this

  2. do you have something like this that is horizontal for sleeping? looking for a sound proof sleeping chamber.

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