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mac mini companion enclosure

Been wanting to turn your Mac mini into a home media center, but don’t have enough storage space for all your movies and music? You’re in luck, as Kuroutoshikou of Japan has announced four new external drive enclosures designed to compliment the Mac mini. Done in the same silver-and-white style as the mini, the enclosures also match the mini’s dimensions, allowing you to stack them. Best of all, these enclosures have room for a full-sized 3.5″ drive, enabling you to pair your mini with one of those 750GB vertical drives.

The GW3.5MM-U2 ($25) connects via USB 2.0 for PATA disk expansion; the GW3.5MM-U2/HUB ($30) adds a 3-port USB 2.0 hub; the GW3.5MM-U2/S ($34) adds support for SATA drives for faster data transfer; and the GW3.5MM-U2/LAN ($51) adds an Ethernet port for network accessible storage. Know which one you want? Hope you’ve got a contact in Japan, because they’re only available there, and not until the end of the month. — Mike Payne

[via Engadget]

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