Four-Legged Arachnid Robot Controlled via Wii Nunchucks


Developed and built by robotics man Drew, this “walking machine” resembles a four-legged spider and walks with an unusual hoppish gait. Designed to entertain, entertain it does.

Costing around $1000 to produce, one of the coolest things about this arachind bot is that it’s controlled with two sets of modified Wii Nunchucks. If you want to test the waters and attempt to make your own walking machine, you’ll need steel plate, copper, aluminum tubing, brass, a 7.4V 1100mAh lithium-polymer battery, a pair of XBee radio modules for communication, Pololu micro SSC board and eight HX12K servos. Check out Flickr for an awesome video of this little guy.

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