Fire breathing Jumping Spider Robot does nothing but intimidate


OK, this fire-breathing jumping robot may not be the most productive of the bunch or have any true purpose, but damn it is cool looking. The spider features legs that can be controlled independently of each other with an airbag on its bottom which allows it to jump two feet in the air.

If you’re looking for functionality, look somewhere else, but if you want something that is pure badass, beer chugging, metal rock and roll, the spider robot will be the highlight of any metal head’s gadget collection. You can even throw it on your lawn to ward off those damn kids that bring their dogs on your yard to do their business. If one of them happens to get burnt, just blame it on technological advancement. Check out a vid after the jump.


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  1. I think you mean “bug” not “spider.”

    Spiders have eight legs.

    That’s got six.

  2. Seriously?
    In the 4 years of this article existing, no one pointed out that this isn’t a spider, it’s a scorpion???

  3. its a bug! arachnids have 8 legs.

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