Science creates the bionic man


In 1995, Peng Shulin was in a catastrophic accident. As a result of this accident, Peng’s body was cut in half by a truck, and yet, he miraculously survived. After being bed-ridden for over a decade, Peng has been given a second chance at walking with a new bionic suit made by the fine people at the China Rehabilitation Research Center in Beijing.

Using an egg-shaped frame, Peng is learning how to walk again with a whole new device and method, and surely strenuous physical therapy. So, is Peng now more machine than man? It’d also be cool if they added a racing stripe to the suit to make it look less hospital-ly. But hey, that’s just our opinion.


Andrew Dobrow

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  1. That’s awesome.

    But why was he bed ridden for over 10 years? Just pop a skateboard under that torso, and he’s rollin’.

  2. I always like to read gearfuse, but this article is just tasteless and mean.

  3. @gojira Mean? I thought I gave it a pretty positive spin.

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