Farol Design Hotel Is My Dream Beach House

Farol Design Hotel is a chic resort in the tiny beach town of Cascais on Portugal’s beautiful Estoril Coast. Farol is perched on a cliff right by the water’s edge making for spectacular views from every part of the hotel. Inside, the hotel is equally stunning. All of the rooms in the hotel are decorated by famous Portugese fashion designers. This year, the Farol got completely redone with a classy black-and-white makeover that accentuates it’s hip appeal.

Unlike so many other design hotels, the Farol isn’t just about trendy modern style. Half of the hotel located in a 118-year-old mansion that was once owned by the Count of Cabral, but the other part of the building is a sleek annex that was added on six years ago. This blend of contemporary cool and old-school elegance makes the Farol truly unique. Read more to see pictures of this extraordinary hotel.


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