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Portuguese Eco-City To Be Controlled By Computerized ‘Brain’

Southern Portugal’s PlanIT Valley is on course to become the greenest city in the world. The developers of the $19 billion city PlanIT Valley are taking a cue from human biology to control the constant renewable processes of the city. Much like the human body, PlanIT Valley will have its own brain (a central control computer connected through the cloud ...

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Wave Farm Swims For Power In Portugal

The world’s first ever wave farm went live at the end of September in Agucadoura, off the coast of northern Portugal. Three wave energy converters resembling Soviet submarines generate electricity with hydraulic rams driven by waves. The farm was designed by Pelamis Wave Power, which hopes to increase the farms productivity by adding an additional 25 wave energy converters that ...

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Lisbon’s Street Art Scene

Lisbon is an old city where medieval castles, fortresses, and ancient Roman aqueducts can be found right in the heart of downtown. Incredible grafitti is also prominent in Lisbon, especially alongside the city’s many rail lines. After the jump, check out some of the best street art that I saw during my time in the Portugese capital.

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Farol Design Hotel Is My Dream Beach House

Farol Design Hotel is a chic resort in the tiny beach town of Cascais on Portugal’s beautiful Estoril Coast. Farol is perched on a cliff right by the water’s edge making for spectacular views from every part of the hotel. Inside, the hotel is equally stunning. All of the rooms in the hotel are decorated by famous Portugese fashion designers. ...

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Sideways Parking Robot Car To Debut In 2011

There sure is a lot of car-related news today. Anyways, despite the automotive glut this story was too cool to pass up. Nissan’s futuristic Pivo 2, a “robot assisted” car that lets you drive backwards and even sideways will hit the road in Portugal in 2011. Sideways driving ability and robotic car controls aren’t the only futuristic feature on the ...

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