Lisbon’s Street Art Scene

Lisbon is an old city where medieval castles, fortresses, and ancient Roman aqueducts can be found right in the heart of downtown. Incredible grafitti is also prominent in Lisbon, especially alongside the city’s many rail lines. After the jump, check out some of the best street art that I saw during my time in the Portugese capital.

Lisbon’s train tracks are a veritable grafitti gallery:

When you’re not riding the rails, most of the street art you’ll see in Lisbon is made with stencils:

This pair of stencils shows one of Lisbon’s famous streetcars and a not-so-welcoming message for tourists:

Cool cartoonish characters are also a common sight on the streets of Lisbon.

“Consome aqui” means “eat here” in Portugese:

Based on what I saw, DWS is Lisbon’s most prolific graffitti artist:

An artist who seems to call themself “Dailai Lama” is another one of Lisbon’s street art stars. Dalai Lama draws these figures that look like an evil version of Pac Man:

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