Portuguese Eco-City To Be Controlled By Computerized ‘Brain’

Southern Portugal’s PlanIT Valley is on course to become the greenest city in the world. The developers of the $19 billion city PlanIT Valley are taking a cue from human biology to control the constant renewable processes of the city.

Much like the human body, PlanIT Valley will have its own brain (a central control computer connected through the cloud to the Urban Operating System), a renal system (reeds and bamboo filter the city’s water), a digestive system (machines built to process human waste and food to produce biofuel) and even a sense of vision that can connect lost children to their parents and advise residents on traffic conditions and other local issues. The concept is vast and ambitious, but is likely to be a reality before any other proposed sustainable city. The city is to be fully-built by 2015, but could open as early as next year.

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