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5 Ways you Can Upgrade your Home in 2021

Home interiors

If the pandemic has made sure of one thing, it would be us spending months of our life in our house without leaving!  We all have our emotional attachments and sentiments to our house, but how much time do we invest in upgrading its look?  Minute changes or additions can make the most considerable difference in our living space. Here ...

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Interior Design Trends of Summer 2020

Go Green

Now that June is finally here, summer is just around the corner. While your vacation might be weeks or months away, you can still get into the summer spirit in your own home. From a splash of navy blue to wood-look floors, the following home interior trends will help you turn your home into a true beach resort you yearn ...

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“Electronic Chaos” Vinyl Wall Stickers Add Atmosphere of Production

I love the idea of creating a chaotic assembly line of power on a plain white wall. The “Electronic Chaos” vinyl wall stickers are a gorgeous addition for the wall behind the gadgets. Designed by Julia Wolf and created by Diz Decor, “Electronic Chaos” illustrates the connection of energy between all of your electronics. More chaos after the leap.

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Farol Design Hotel Is My Dream Beach House

Farol Design Hotel is a chic resort in the tiny beach town of Cascais on Portugal’s beautiful Estoril Coast. Farol is perched on a cliff right by the water’s edge making for spectacular views from every part of the hotel. Inside, the hotel is equally stunning. All of the rooms in the hotel are decorated by famous Portugese fashion designers. ...

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Seriously Twisted Cube Storage System

Furniture designer Dylan Gold of San Francisco’s Link Studios made this cubed shelving unit that features a cool “understated twist.” Perhaps Gold got his inspiration for the shelves, appropriately named the Twist, from the San Andreas fault since because they look like they’ve survived an earthquake. Gold made the rotated cube effect using computer modeling and a CNC router. Perhaps ...

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A Pop-Up Book For Your Home

Pop-up books used to make me so excited when I was a kid. Hell, they still do! There’s just something about the magic of pop-up books that captures your imagination. The Space Book is the same sort of imagination grabber, but made for your interior design. Each page of the over-sized Space Book features a fanatical set of furniture and ...

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