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Street Art in Seville

Free wi-fi is surprisingly hard to come by across in Europe, so I wasn’t able to post much during my recent trip across the pond. I’ve made it back home safe and sound now so this weekend and next I’ll be posting more of what I saw on my travels. One place I checked out was Seville, an ancient city ...

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Yoda Spotted In Madrid

While enjoying my European adventure I saw the renowned Jedi Master Yoda in Madrid’s historic Plaza Mayor. Apparently, Yoda’s fallen on hard times since filming the Star Wars movies and now he’s resorted to begging for money from tourists in Spain. It was cool seeing my favorite sci-fi hero in the flesh, but I’d rather have a chance to get ...

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Lisbon’s Street Art Scene

Lisbon is an old city where medieval castles, fortresses, and ancient Roman aqueducts can be found right in the heart of downtown. Incredible grafitti is also prominent in Lisbon, especially alongside the city’s many rail lines. After the jump, check out some of the best street art that I saw during my time in the Portugese capital.

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Farol Design Hotel Is My Dream Beach House

Farol Design Hotel is a chic resort in the tiny beach town of Cascais on Portugal’s beautiful Estoril Coast. Farol is perched on a cliff right by the water’s edge making for spectacular views from every part of the hotel. Inside, the hotel is equally stunning. All of the rooms in the hotel are decorated by famous Portugese fashion designers. ...

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Gearfuse’s Euro Trip

What up everybody. This cool Lego creation is a model of Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport that I spotted when I landed in Europe yesterday morning. Thanks to the folks at Eurail and various tourism ministries, I’m here on a ten day trip through Portugal, Spain, and Amsterdam. While I’m traveling, in addition to all the regular Gearfuse goodness, expect weekend updates ...

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