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Everyone has been comparing Bethesda’s Fallout 3 with Oblivion. That’s a real shame, considering Fallout‘s true roots lie with Black Isle Studios. Though the game may not be what long-time Fallout fans are hoping for, it certainly will be remembered for the gore. One thing I’ll miss: groin shot. Here’s a few good reads on the upcoming post-apocalyptic pseudo-RPG from Bethesda:

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    1. this game is going to be sweet

    2. the game is trash just like oblivion was trash. The only redeeming characteristic is the cool world which wasnt created by bethesda. Bethesda unfortunately has the creativity of a politician. It is a real shame because they have a few very cool aspects to their game that if applied to a game with actual aspects beyond the superficial could make it quite immersing.

    3. Actually the game is very lush and expansive. Oblivion was a great game as well, with a lot of diverse features. Calling it “trash” without supplying an example or a “jem” of a game is futile.

    4. I’ve been playing fairly seriously for about a week now and I can say that this has been a great game.

      It isn’t the original Fallout’s, but some new hybrid that tends to have a lot for everyone.

      Some bad points: the graphics, while amazing, tend to lend a “China doll” appearance to the characters.
      Some character interaction is dull and lifeless.
      Good: HUGE environment, multiple ways to play, V.A.T.S. system is awesome, and the truely open flow of the game (much like Oblivion) is great.

      I have been very happy with it, and I’m only about 1/5 done. So play and then review before you smash it.

    5. oblivion is awesome to and i am a jerkbag

    6. Fallout 3 was an amazing game…. I mean it didnt necessarily follow fallout like the other two… but it was in the concept of fallout…… The game was hella fun, and most games have dull AI dialogue so why even bag on it, theres very few interesting Games with good dialogue……. The physics were great, i kinda hated vats, its only good at close range because i could nail shit from way far away manually but vats would miss from the same distance or closer everytime….. Storyline was kinda bland, but overall the level of interaction and the huge world and craz graphics totally rocked my world!!!!

    7. I also wouldn’t call it trash. I loved the game I agree with Brother Landrum the Vats at long distance is pretty bad but thats where the FPS part comes in and I think it’s a really good mix. The vast map of the capital wasteland is absolute. They did such a great job on it. I had more fun just exploring the wasteland than I did doing the missions. I think its an overall good game.

    8. Fallout 3 is great and Oblivion is great, you retartd!

    9. I personaly love the game and i never played oblivion.I give it a 10

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