Fallout 3 Contains SecuROM (It’s Spore All Over Again!)

Shame on you, Pete Hines. Claiming that your latest game, Fallout 3, contains only the mildest form of DRM was a lie. A big fat lie. Not only does the PC version of Fallout 3 contain DRM, it contains the most infamous of all DRMs: SecuROM.

Remember what happened to EA for releasing Spore with SecuROM? It got hit with a class action lawsuit. It’s no mystery that SecuROM permanently stays on your computer, even after an uninstall, leeching precious resources from your PC. The only solution is reformatting your hard drive. So far, the only problems caused by the Fallout 3 DRM has been conflicts during installation for a small group of users. Just wait, much like the Master Control Program in Tron, SecuROM will take over.

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  1. No killing of kids in fallout 3

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