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South Park iPhone App Rejected By Apple

Woe is us! It seems that Matt Stone an Trey Parker were working on a South Park iPhone app that would allow users to watch episodes of South Park on the iPhone, which is essentially every teenager’s dream. Unfortunately, the app is now hanging in limbo no thanks to Apple. Jobs and Co. rejected the app twice due to content ...

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More Fallout 3 DLC Details

Sure, downloadable content for Fallout 3 was announced, but what about the juicy details? You’ve heard of Operation Anchorage, the first of three DLC packs Bethesda plans on releasing, yet the other two have been kept pretty hush hush. Bethesda reveals the third DLC pack, Broken Steel, after the jump.

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Fallout 3 Contains SecuROM (It’s Spore All Over Again!)

Shame on you, Pete Hines. Claiming that your latest game, Fallout 3, contains only the mildest form of DRM was a lie. A big fat lie. Not only does the PC version of Fallout 3 contain DRM, it contains the most infamous of all DRMs: SecuROM. Remember what happened to EA for releasing Spore with SecuROM? It got hit with ...

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Vault-Tec Lunchbox My Kid Will Take To School

I really have no use for a Fallout 3 lunchbox. I like Fallout 3, but I’m far too old to be taking a lunchbox to work. That’s where my illegitimate son comes in. I’ll force him to take this lunchbox to school. All the while he’ll be bitching and moaning for me to buy him a Ben 10 lunchbox.

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RealNetworks Releases RealDVD, Hollywood Cries

Have a Windows PC and a Netflix account? Perfect. Grab your credit card and get ready to hand over $30 to RealNetworks. Yes, that Real. The one with the obsolete streaming audio format. Yes! That’s the one! You see, Real just released RealDVD. It’s a legal application that allows you to rip DVDs to up to five computers without ramifications. ...

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Fable II: It’s Gone Gold

Lionhead Studios’ frontman Peter Molyneux has announced the completion of Fable II as of 7PM on Monday night. This news confirms yet another stellar title for the fall proving that as the weather gets cooler so do the games. No more push backs for this title, the date is now official. Look for Fable II on store shelves come October ...

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