Vault-Tec Lunchbox My Kid Will Take To School

I really have no use for a Fallout 3 lunchbox. I like Fallout 3, but I’m far too old to be taking a lunchbox to work. That’s where my illegitimate son comes in. I’ll force him to take this lunchbox to school. All the while he’ll be bitching and moaning for me to buy him a Ben 10 lunchbox.

The art book is impressive. Tons of art I haven’t seen on any website covering the game. I’ve yet to watch the “making of” DVD; I’ve been too busy playing the game. I’m almost level eight following the good path, but I steal loot from everyone I come across. It’s the only way to stay alive.

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  1. Hi, I was wondering whether you’d consider selling your vault-tec lunchbox. I don’t know what Ben10 is, but perhaps you’ll be able to buy it for him with the money from the lunchbox.

    I’m 21 and located in Glendale, CA.

    Thanks for considering it =]


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