Electronic Arts Gets Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over Spore DRM

Applause all around for Electronic Arts. The gaming company managed to fuck up big time, this time with Spore. As you’ve heard, Spore contains draconian DRM that limits you to three installs of the game and no more. Now a California class action suit has been formed in an attempt to recoup $50 + damages for everyone who bought Spore. The SecuROM copy protection program will install itself on a computer without notifying the user and stays on said hard drive even after an uninstall of the game. To boot, the SecuROM phones home to EA and hogs up system resources without alerting the user.

I truly hope EA gets hit hard with this suit. Of all the gaming companies that need to pull their head out of their ass, Electronic Arts takes the cake. Maybe next time around you’ll quit fucking around with DRM.


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  1. So what happens when the DRM ruins your computer as well?? Does the lawsuit pay for that too??

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