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The Rise of DRM Media Converters


Digital rights management (DRM) consists of a set of technologies used by different types of copyright holders such as developers, publishers, hardware manufacturers etc. in order to control and restrict the use of devices and digital products after their sale. When referring to digital content, DRM is also called “copy protection”, as it is often used for preventing users from ...

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EA Explains The Sims 3 DRM Scheme

Before you get your molotov cocktails out and start heaving them in the direction of the Electronic Arts offices, stop and listen. We all know what a clusterfuck DRM caused for the game Spore. People bitched quite a bit and this time around, EA is going to listen. On the official Sims 3 blog, Rod Humble from EA just posted ...

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To DRM or Not To DRM?

So over the weekend, one of the bigger topics floating about the Internet involved Apple’s new iPod Shuffle. After dissecting the new set of headphones it comes with, Boing Boing Gadgets discovered a very small chip on the inside of the headphones that was overlooked by nearly everyone. BBG speculates that the chip is some kind of proprietary DRM chip ...

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Apple Keynote Roundup

… Do you hear that? Those are the crickets chirping. Apple performed its last Macworld Keynote today sans Steve Jobs. Instead, Apple senior vice president Phil Schiller delivered it and boy was it lackluster. A lot of software upgrades for iWork, iLife, etc. iPhoto has some new features and iWork.com will be Apple’s Google Docs rival for cloud collaboration. You ...

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BREAKING: Apple iTMS To Go DRM-free

Stop the presses! Hold the phone! Did you hear? Apple is getting rid of DRM! Yay! This is so awesome! Know why? Because, ah…. Uh….hmm. Mrrr…rzp? Yeah, nevermind. Nobody buys music anyway and those who do probably don’t give a shit about DRM. Big whoop. Apple will most likely announce some kind of pricing scheme deal as well during Macworld. ...

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Fallout 3 Contains SecuROM (It’s Spore All Over Again!)

Shame on you, Pete Hines. Claiming that your latest game, Fallout 3, contains only the mildest form of DRM was a lie. A big fat lie. Not only does the PC version of Fallout 3 contain DRM, it contains the most infamous of all DRMs: SecuROM. Remember what happened to EA for releasing Spore with SecuROM? It got hit with ...

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Walmart Will Keep DRM Servers Running

Aw, shucks Walmart. I knew you would have a change of heart! The people working at big blue must have realized that shutting off DRM servers and killing access to music your customers paid for is a bad idea. Perhaps they took a clue from Yahoo!?For now, the servers will be left on indefinitely thanks to customer outrage but it’s ...

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