Epic Pink Floyd “The Wall” PC Case Mod


You could say that all in all, this PC case mod is just another brick in the wall, but we would have to fully disagree with you. This Pink Floyd “The Wall” PC Case mod is not merely a new skin, but a fully-functioning piece of art all on its own.

Totally custom made, The Wall PC reminds me of the days where I would sit around listening to Pink Floyd’s classic album on repeat. Using imagery from both the film and the album itself, this PC is one that not only looks hot as hell, but will add some conceptual modern art spark to whatever room it’s showcased. PC mod, I wish you were here. Hit the jump for a bunch more awesome pics.





Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Is this for sale
    were can i buy it


  2. What is the switch on the bottom of the case for ? There appears to be a silver switch near the right front tire.

  3. Incroyable !

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